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GekkoPod offers much more than just stability.  Beating the shakes in photography and filming is important, but so it versatility.  GekkoPod allows you to have stability from virtually any surface or location.  By using five (5) bendable arms and hands, our little Gekko can grab onto anything and hold your smartphone or camera still for you.  Even with the many difference smart cameras and lenses today that have built-in sensor-shift or optical stabilization, there’s no substitute for a sturdy pod.

Tripods are essential for shooting with slow shutter speeds and long exposures. Taking a little time to level the camera and to make precise positional adjustments can make a huge difference to the end result. If a Tripod is good, then a “PentaPod” is better!  No matter if you’re taking landscape and architectural pictures or environmental portraits, still life images, extreme close-ups or even the occasional “selfie,” Gekkopod is the perfect mobile camera accessory!

Even if you are using a hefty DSLR, nobody wants to lug around a massively heavy tripod when they’re out and about.  Most tripods are heavy and bulky.  And none of them are capable of gripping onto to unpredictable objects.  The GekkoPod is the perfect companion for the professional as well as the amateur mobile phone photographer like the rest of us.